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  • Surge Protection


  • Harmful Surges Can Endanger Your Orlando Home!

    Florida is the lightning capital of the United States. What’s worse — Central Florida residents and business owners share the distinct privilege of being right in the heart of “Lightning Alley.” What does that mean for property owners in communities like College Park, Windermere and Lake Mary? Electrical current from a lightning strike can run through the wires in your home or business, causing power surges that can damage appliances like TVs and computers.

    There are many ways that a power surge can infiltrate your electrical system. Whether they are caused from within (through appliance use) or from an outside source (like lightning or a downed power line), they can have a huge impact on your home. Through constant exposure to surges, your valuable electronics and appliances can become corrupted over time. Surge protection devices are the best defense against power surges that are generated from any source. A whole-house surge protection device is connected to your home’s fuse box and designed to shunt surges of any size – generated from anywhere.

    Surge Protection is a Low-Cost Solution!

    There are a lot of benefits with surge protection. Some of them include:

    • Recommended by insurance companies
    • Costs less than an insurance deductible
    • Prevents damage, loss of data from lightning surges & utility problems

    Why not have A-Lumination Electric install surge protection? Once purchased, our Home Surge Protection package is yours to keep, and can be used again if you move to a new house.

    Complete Home Surge Protection (CHSP) can be installed on any manufacturer’s load center and works best when:

    • AC power, telephone lines and cable lines are included
    • Installed at service entrance and load center to divert lightning surges
    • Surge strips are used at critical loads, reducing any remaining surge to harmless levels

    3 Levels of Surge Protection

    A-Lumination Electric offers 3 various levels of surge protection, depending on your needs:

    • Deluxe Line – Provides surge protection for the appliances and electronics in your house. Includes status monitor, 1 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strip, Lifetime manufacturer’s equipment warranty and a 5-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee.
    • Premium Line – Includes all of the above, plus 2 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strips, Energy Armor Phone Protection, Energy Armor Cable Protection, and a 10-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee.
    • Optimum Line – Includes all of the above, plus 3 Energy Armor Protection Point surge strips and 15-year Energy Armor Workmanship guarantee.

    Energy Armor Protection requires proper grounding to function properly. Our technician will evaluate your grounding system prior to Energy Armor installation. A-Lumination Electric Inc. is here to help you prepare for residential surges today and for the life of your home!

    For more information on surge protection or our other electrical services, a friendly, knowledgeable voice is waiting for you! Call today at 407-298-1412!