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  • Smoke Detectors


  • Smoke Detectors for Orlando Homes

    We at A-Lumination Electric know that safety for you and your family is a top priority. That’s why detection of threats from a possible fire can be so critical. Smoke detectors can alert you to a fire that you were not aware of – especially if you were sleeping. Your home is required to have smoke detectors, and depending on how big your home is, you may need more than one. Fires often happen when people are asleep and unaware of the growing smoke in a part of the home. Smoke alarms detect the most obvious signs of a fire and alert you to its presence before you get into serious danger.

    Benefits of a Smoke Detector

    Approximately 13 out of 14 homes in the US now have smoke alarms installed. Almost half of all home fires, however, occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Over sixty percent of fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Obviously, most of the people who are killed by residential fires die in a small percentage of homes – those without smoke alarms. Installing a smoke detector could save your life!

    Smoke alarms can warn you of a fire when you are asleep, busy or in a different part of the house from where the fire is. They provide you extra warning time when you are awake, and they will wake you if a fire occurs while you are asleep. Many people think that they will smell smoke and wake up if a fire occurs in their home, but this isn’t true. Many fires produce odorless gasses that are very toxic. People who are asleep can be overcome by these gasses without ever waking up. Smoke alarms provide life-saving warnings to allow you to get out of the house before you are trapped by fire or smoke.

    Smoke alarms are inexpensive. Battery-operated residential smoke alarms are available for less than $10. Alkaline batteries that can last for a year are available for $1 to $2 each. Some alarms are now available with long-life lithium batteries. These alarms, which typically sell for about $20, have lithium batteries that can last for up to ten years.

    Smoke Detector Installation

    Proper home safety requires smoke detectors to be installed on every floor of your home. Interconnecting your smoke alarms is the safest method of making sure they are working properly. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, people in a home with interconnected fire alarms are more likely to hear the alarm and realize there is a fire.

    Professionally installed smoke alarms will be interconnected and placed in prime locations where they’re more likely to detect smoke from possible fires at the earliest possible time. However, not all smoke alarms are the same. The traditional battery-operated smoke alarm requires regular replacement of the battery. Alarms with 10-year batteries are not designed for battery replacement and must be replaced as a complete unit when their power source depletes.

    In order to meet safety regulations and make sure your family is protected from deadly emissions, it’s important to call us at A-Lumination Electric so we can get your smoke detectors placed correctly and up to code. We offer comprehensive electrical safety services that strengthen peace of mind for families in the Central Florida area.

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