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  • Electrical Outlets and Circuits


  • Repair and Maintenance for Electrical Outlets and Circuits – Orlando

    It’s very possible that, somewhere in your home, you have a pesky electrical outlet that you are ignoring. You use it for some devices, some of the time, and it hasn’t been a problem. However, it is loose. Or it made sparks, one time. Maybe it even shocked you, at some point, or it doesn’t always work with your appliances. This outlet is a danger to your home! Right now, it’s a small, pesky problem. Later, however, this outlet could be the cause of much larger issues. It could even start a house fire.

    Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Electrical Outlets:

    Ungrounded Receptacles

    If you have only two-pronged outlets in your home, your home may not be grounded. If you have some three-pronged outlets and some two-pronged outlets, it can’t be for certain if your home is grounded or not. We can test if the two-pronged electrical outlet is, in fact, grounded and then replace it with a three-pronged receptacle for you. Replacing those two-pronged outlets with three-pronged outlets will ensure protection from electrocution. The sure way to fix an ungrounded home is to rewire the home so that it is grounded. If you are not up for that large-scale project, we can run dedicated lines to electronics and appliances.

    Discolored or Cracked Electrical Outlet

    If your electrical outlet shows signs of discoloration, it can show that the connections are overheating. In this case, the outlet should be inspected by one of our licensed electricians and could mean a variety of safety concerns. In the end, the outlet will need replacing. If your electrical outlet’s face plate has cracks, you are exposing the loose terminals, which is a definite hazard for anyone using the outlet.

    Plugs Keep Falling Out

    It happens to us more frequently than not. You go to plug in your phone charger, and the plug slides halfway out of the socket holes. Over time with the constant motion of unplugging and plugging into our electrical outlets, the spring mechanisms start to give way causing loose connections. When you notice your devices and appliances aren’t fitting tightly into the outlets, it’s time to replace them. Loose connections can cause arcing, an electrical fire hazard.

    Your Electrical Outlets are not Tamper-Resistant

    For newly built or renovated homes, or when replacing old receptacles, it’s now mandatory under the NEC (National Electrical Code) to replace them with tamper-resistant electrical outlets. Even if your home isn’t newly built or recently renovated, it’s important to replace your regular electrical outlets with tamper-resistant outlets. Tamper-resistant receptacles prevent children from electrocuting themselves when inserting foreign objects into the slots of the receptacle. There are “doors” in the slots that remain closed unless there is equal pressure for all slots to open, like when inserting a plug.

    Even if you don’t have children living with you, it’s a good idea to have these installed throughout your home by a licensed electrician. Most of us get visitors, family members, friends etc. with small children. Prevention is key when to avoiding electrical shock for anyone entering your home. If your outlets are secure and you simply want to add new circuits so you can add new appliances or make use of your current appliance, we at A-Lumination Electric can help! Our experts optimize the circuits in your home so that you are never wasting power your home is as safe as possible.

    Stop worrying about outlets and surges and call 407-298-1412 for professional help from A-Lumination!