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  • Data Communication Lines


  • Data and Communication Lines for Orlando Homes

    The homes of today require more than just power. Cat-5, Cat-5e/Cat-6 Giga-Bit Ethernet, and even Fiber-optic wiring are making their way into homes daily providing fast and reliable internet, ethernet and phone connections possible. These “Hard-Wire” connections provide vast performance and data-security increases over their over air rivals. If you have multiple computer stations and want to establish your own network, A-Lumination Electric can help. Why settle for interrupted, slow and insecure wireless connections when you can have dedicated ultra-fast connections in your home? Upgrade your home to the modern standard and let A-Lumination Electric’s networking services install your switch, run your lines and get your computers talking at speeds that will make downloads, gaming, or file transfers a pleasure.

    Have the Best Telecommunication for Your Home!

    Old phone jacks and old degraded wiring can make phone conversations annoying. They also carry power and could lead to a potential short or even a fire. Replacing these old jacks and wiring with high quality jacks and new wiring is our specialty. Contact us today and we will inspect, repair and/or replace your damaged lines so you can get talking without the hiss, static and potential hazard of poorly installed or old phone connections.

    A-Lumination Electric carries out data and communications installations in all residential homes in Orland and Central Florida. Our services include:

    • Communications cabling and wiring
    • Remote satellite links
    • Cat 6 STP 10 GIG structured data cabling systems
    • Cat 5E, Cat6, Cat7 structured data cabling systems
    • Fiber optic network cables
    • Patch panels
    • Cable assemblies & patch cords
    • Cable scanning to latest standards
    • Intelligent building systems
    • Network design & implementation
    • Communications voice and phone line systems

    When it comes to setting up data and communication lines for your home, A-Lumination Electric technicians are the best for the job. We will handle the initial setup of cable runs and configurations of devices to get your data and communication lines off the ground and running at optimal efficiency. There’s no need to hassle over making sure that your wireless router is configured properly or that your new media center is installed and connected to your home network, with A-Lumination Electric we will take care of all of that for you! When it comes to communications and data, trust the expert installation services of A-Lumination Electric.

    Call today at 407-298-1412 and set up an appointment with one of our expert technicians.